Would you like to give us a hand for a few hours testing Dingbat on Botany Bay?
We need two or three people, one with a power boat license to drive our 25hp tinny, and take pictures and movies with our simple cameras; no experience necessary. Bring your own boat if you prefer, we'll fill the tank. Retirees welcome, particularly if you can cover weekdays.
We usually do one test a week, so we need a few volunteers to share the load. There's no hard work and nothing much you need to learn, so even coming along once would be helpful.
Dingbat I was stable in 20 knot winds and heavy chop but underpowered, Dingbat II has half the hull drag and 2.4 times the lift, is far more stable and has only been out in less than 5 knots so far, so our next run could be very exciting.
If you would like to talk things over with Inventor/Engineer/Pilot Bill Rayner he would be pleased to hear from you.
Phone 02 9964 0311 or 0414 622 470
Send Bill Rayner an email