Since our last run Dingbat has gained larger outriggers.  A new trailer makes handling easier.
On 22 Feb 07 we launched into a light breeze on Botany Bay in perfect conditions. The chase boat struggled to keep up!
We were just starting to congratulate ourselves on the effortless speed and stability of the new hull configuration when we discovered that keeping the wing pointing in the right direction in light and variable conditions was tricky to say the least. The solution has been designed and will be implemented on the next major revision.
By the way, the new outriggers fold out of the way during high speed runs to maintain the purity of the design concept.
8 March 07
Very little breeze but spirits are high as the new wing controls are working well.
We are delighted that the theory is working. In gusts she stays in balance and just heads for the horizon .....
We are looking forward to some wind so we can fold back those outriggers and take some speed readings!
they sure look like dingbats to me!!
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In the beginning